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For a change of pace on Wednesday and Thursday, I took a break from the ‘facebook portraits’ project, and spent the past few days working on another of my ‘comics’ that I’ve been doing with a collaborator. I haven’t done one of these in several months, so it took a little while to find my groove again, but I’m pretty pleased overall with how it turned out. (click on the image above to see a larger more detailed version) – This ended up being the last one of these ‘collaboration comics’.

Days 49 through 51

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Day Forty Nine

Here’s the finished illustration for that WSJ job. Personally I preferred the ‘magic trick’ sketch, but this one probably fits the story better, which the editors decided to go with.

Day Fifty

During the eighties, I had an extended period where I had pushed illustration to the side, and spent my time working in the field of graphic design and typesetting. This was in the days before computer graphics, and much of the type of work I was doing (paste ups, photostats, halftones, type specs) has since gone the way of the horse drawn carriage and manual typewriter. I haven’t done much in the way of graphic design in the past twenty plus years, but since I’ve been involved with this music group, I’ve started dabbling with poster design as a way of promoting our gigs. It’s been quite fun and personally rewarding, especially since the only client I have to please is myself (and my bandmates, who so far haven’t been all that opinionated on the subject).
So today, rather than posting an illustration, I’m going to post a series of poster/flyers that I’ve been creating in photoshop over the past several months for the ‘Jukejoint Handmedowns’, and more of my graphic work for this band can be seen on our ‘facebook page’ in one of the ‘photo galleries’. Photos used in these posters are courtesy of my wife Terri Foley.

Day Fifty One

Took the day off drawing on Sunday, as we had to drive down to South Haven for some babysitting duties. Didn’t really have much planned to do on Monday when I got back to work, but the morning emails contained a quick commission to draw a dog for the advertising for a musician’s stickers and tee shirts down in Georgia. I also had enough free time that I was able to finish up my ‘freaks of nurture’ comic adaptation (pictured below, click on the image to see a larger version).

Days 46 through 48

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Day Forty Six

Today I finished up the Roy Lichtenstein-esque illustration for the Chronicle (I posted the rough sketch yesterday). Not a lot of difference, other than tighter linework and slightly different color choices. This was a fun little project, it sort of reminded me of my days of graphic design back in the eighties, working with zipatone screens. I also saved a version of the black and white art, before I added the color swatches (pictured below).

Day Forty Seven

Today I’ve been working on sketches for the cover of an animal joke book for kids for one of my book publishing clients. The layout is still up in the air, so I’m giving them each animal separately so they can move them around in the design at this early stage.

Day Forty Eight

Today I spent a great deal of time working on another ‘Freaks of Nurture’ comic blog adaptation. I did a rough sketch for this several weeks back, but for some reason or another it was put on hold for some ‘writing tweaks’ that never quite materialized. I got about half done with it today, and will post the rest once I get it finished in the next few days. (click on the image above to see a larger version).
I also worked on some rough sketches for a Journal spot assignment. The finish is due tomorrow, so check in then to see which one got chosen.

Days 19 through 22

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Day Nineteen:

Today’s drawings are a couple rough sketches for an upcoming project for a west coast client. I had done a rather large project for them about two years ago, and hadn’t heard anything since, but then got a call out of the blue from them a couple weeks ago (turns out they are riding out the recession like a lot of folks, cutting back and scaling down, and have only just recently began assigning work again). There will be more to this project later, but for now, this is what I’ve been given the green light on.

Day Twenty:

Spent a lot of today working on rough sketches for upcoming projects, so along that vein, today’s illustration is more along the lines of a ‘quick sketch’.

Day Twenty One:

Today I started laying out the next comic feature for the ‘Freaks of Nurture’ project (and began the finished artwork, sample panel above). This one is a departure of sorts from the previous ones, where I’m adapting a ‘story’ that doesn’t really have much humor in it, but it is nicely written and I’m enthused to get going on it.

Day Twenty Two:

For today’s drawing, I did another experiment using the paint tools. Last winter, I did an illustration for a website called ‘Covered’, where artists submit illustrations based on old comic book covers. I decided to try this again (although this time I didn’t bother submitting it to the site, since it usually takes about a month or so to be posted, and they prefer you don’t post it to your own site until that time), and this time chose an old fifties ‘romance’ comic book for my inspiration.

Days Five through Seven

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Day Five:

Was way too busy yesterday to do any drawing, so I had to skip a day in my 90 day challenge. Today I took an old photo of my wife’s deceased mother and experimented a bit with the ‘gouache’ tools from my Painter software. Usually when I’ve ‘dabble in painting’ in Painter in the past, I’ve stuck to the ‘oils’ tools and sometimes the ‘oil pastels’, but this medium took a little bit of getting used to. It definitely had more of a ‘wet on wet’ feel to it. I’m not really crazy about the colors, so I may go back and work on this piece some more later. (you can click on the image above for a bigger version)

Day Six:

Wasn’t entirely satisfied with my ‘gouache’ experiment yesterday, so I tried another one today. This time starting with a blank canvas and no reference and just started doodling off the top of my head. Still a ways to go with this medium yet, so I’ll probably give it another shot later.

Day Seven:

For today’s ‘drawing a day’, I chose to finish up one in a series of single page comics that I’ve been doing with a collaborator for the past year or so, for the ‘Freaks of Nurture’ website (click on the image above for a larger, easier to read version). I also had a couple illustration assignments come in this afternoon, and spent a portion of the day conceptualizing and doing rough sketches.