World Citizen Comics

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Very proud to be involved in this special project from First Second Comics. World Citizen Comics was launched this week with the publishing of ‘UNRIG: How to Fix Our Broken Democracy’ by Dan Newman and George O’Connor. Be sure and head over to their website for more information and updates on this essential series for these divisive times. According to Amazon, the title I was involved with, “What Unites Us” should hit the shelves in February of 2021.

John Muir Trail Postcard

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Been a while since I’ve worked on the John Muir Trail project. Rather than work chronologically, I’ve decided to jump around on the story, so that I can use a few pages of this as a self promotional postcard this month. For those that are new here, I’ve been working on a graphic novel based on our summer trip last year, titled “How Not to Hike the John Muir Trail”. The above sequence takes place just prior to the halfway point of our adventure.