Light at the end of the tunnel

Green Prints

After several months of working on several concurrent book projects, I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I finished one of the books a few weeks ago, and am nearing the end of two more this week, leaving me only with a few more to finish up over the next few months. Unfortunately, most of these books will not be shared here until they reach publication, for contractual reasons. In the meantime, here’s a few illustrations (and drop caps) I did for Green Prints last week.


Farm Futures, Green Prints

Here’s a few of the short deadline pieces that I finished up this past week, one for GreenPrints and the other for Farm Futures. Began work on laying out this year’s ‘oscar poster’, since the nominations were announced yesterday morning, and spent the rest of my time this month doing sketches for upcoming book projects. Oh, and I have a birthday coming up this weekend. 53 years.

Halfway through 2014

Barrons, Green Prints, US Catholic

Halfway through 2014, and we’re heading out for a short camping/music making weekend with the bandmates this coming holiday. A few pieces to share, and after the break I’ll likely be back at work on a new book project. Above and the following two illustrations were all for Barrons over the past couple weeks (these three were actually assigned at the same time, but were intended to be used over subsequent weeks, as a way of covering staff summer vacations).

A larger than usual assignment for US Catholic last week on retirement options (you can click on the small image below to see an enlarged version)

Then on Friday I had a couple of black and white illustrations for GreenPrints.

Have a happy and safe 4th weekend everyone.

April Showers

Barrons, Farm Futures, Green Prints, WSJ

Most of April has been consumed by work on one of three book projects (which I can’t share here for contractual reasons), but I’ve got a few pieces this past week or so, for other clients that I can share. Above and below are a few black and white illustrations for Green Prints, a gardening digest.

The same week, I had a cover assignment for Farm Futures Magazine, pictured below, and, then just as I was finishing up work on the first of the three book projects, a rush cover assignment for the WSJ came in on Thursday of last week, involving ‘recognizing bubbles’.

I also had a Barrons assignment due last week, which would have made for a very hectic Thursday and Friday, but thankfully, the deadline on that one got moved ahead, so I finished it up this morning.

Starting work this week on the second of three book assignments, which should keep me pretty busy into the first part of May. See you in a few weeks, when I again emerge from my lair.

Picking Up Steam

AHMM, ChronicleHE, Green Prints, OC Weekly, WSJ

The workload started picking up a little steam around my birthday on Friday. I had two assignments for the WSJ (one pictured above that I did on Friday afternoon, and a two part spot that I finished up this morning is pictured below), a new client from the West Coast, and the possibility of a few more books coming soon. Had a rather busy weekend, trying to make sure I wouldn’t be too swamped on Monday, and it paid off, so that I might actually be able to get a little ahead of the game this week.

The illustration for the new client was a cover image about a pastor who ministers to the punk community, which I spent a great deal of time on Sunday, in fact getting 30% finished with another version, before getting frustrated and starting all over again with a different approach.

Prior to the weekend, I finished up a series of bw spots for GreenPrints and they are pictured below.

And finally, a fiction piece for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine which I just finished up moments ago.