CD Cover Design

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I had another cd design request for another of the bands I’m involved with. This group is more of a ‘midlife crisis rock and roll’ outfit, where I play the electric bass to songs mostly co-written by the leader of the group. I don’t normally like to get involved in projects that include typesetting and design, as I feel like I’ve been so long out of the loop in that regard that I no longer trust my instincts, but as this was for a friend, I just gritted my teeth and went to it. Above is the exterior package design (aside from a few minor alterations I’ve yet to take care of, like the spine lettering and moving around some type on the back), and below is how the interior of the package will look with the disc in place in the inner sleeve. (and the disc art is pictured below that) You can click on each of these to see a larger version.

Stamp Project, almost


Well, I’ve been sitting on this image since last August, but I see now that the official stamp is now available for preorder, and will be released in early February, it is probably safe to post this. I got a call from a client who I’ve worked for on various projects in the past, on a Thursday evening as I was on my way to band practice, and he was representing the family of the subject of an upcoming postage stamp honoree, and they were in need of a quick turnaround portrait based on a bw photo they had. I did most of the work on Friday evening and Saturday morning, and most of the corrections were rather minor and were completed by Sunday after several conference calls. Months later, though, it turns out that the Postal Service decided on another artist to carry the project to the finish line (Here’s the finished product, available for preorder). I’m not too disappointed, its a bit different in style, more streamlined, and has the hospital in the background, which is a nice touch, and I’m sure the family is quite happy with the final result. Was an interesting couple days, was paid well for it during a particularly dry spell, and I was happy with the end result, and glad to finally share it here.

days 79-82 of the challenge


Day Seventy Nine

Hard to believe it was ten years ago already. I’ve noticed a lot of other illustrators have been doing a fair share of “that certain date”¬†Anniversary illustration assignments, and I was beginning to think it was going to pass me by. But I got a call from Newsday this morning with a quick turnaround assignment. Thankfully not another image of airplanes and exploding buildings, but something with a little more of a hopeful (yet vigilant) feel to it. This one will run with an editorial in the Sunday paper.

Day Eighty

Got an email assignment last week regarding a tee shirt design of a bear smoking a tree shaped cigar and wearing a ranger hat. This project needs to be ‘color separated’, which is something I have very little experience with, so I may be turning over part of the ‘print prep’ work over to my wife. Below is the color version (with the ‘less than seven colors’ specified).

Day Eighty One

The children’s ‘joke book’ project continues, with a few more revised sketches. From the way things are looking, I’ll probably be posting a lot of rough sketches this week.

Day Eighty Two

Today’s sketch is a quick caricature of Mitt Romney for a possible upcoming project. (Addendum: The project got the go ahead in October, but I won’t be able to post any examples until it is published sometime in 2012, but I spent most of October and November working on it)

Best Laid Plans


The illustration market continues to be unusually slow, and, against my better judgement, I accepted an assignment from a new contact this week that in normal circumstances I would have avoided due to the low budget (despite the quick turnaround), and a strange proviso that I would be paid “only if published” (should have been a tip-off right there). I followed their suggestion of illustration subject matter to the letter (with a rather tight sketch, pictured above), ahead of schedule, and they proceeded to drag their feet on the sketch approval for three days, at which point I was informed that they wanted to take the image in a completely different, and rather vague direction, and did I want to continue with the project (still with the same deadline, now even tighter). As much as I hated to do it, I decided to cut my losses and wait out this slow patch for better clients (and I know they are out there).

Marlo’s Book


It was about a year ago that I was approached with the opportunity to contribute a caricature for this book of comedy reminiscences by Marlo Thomas. This afternoon the FedX truck dropped my complimentary copy on my doorstep, with a personalized note inside by Marlo herself. A nice little holiday surprise.

The book is of course available at Amazon as well as most Target stores, and looks like it might be pretty interesting reading.

About a month or so prior, my contact had sent me a promotional poster featuring the collection of celebrity caricatures, which was another nice bonus. (Mainly, it’s a large scale reprint of the collection featured on the back cover) (FYI; mine was the portrait of Steven Wright) Back cover is pictured below:

At the top of the post is the caricature I did for the book, plus here are some rejected sketches of Joan Rivers that didn’t get past the sketch phase: (sketch 1, sketch 2)