Chronicle Illustration




Finished up this illustration for the ‘Chronicle of Philanthropy’ (a sister publication to the ‘Chronicle of Higher Education’, one of my longer running clients, who I first worked for in 1991). This one was a bit tricky logistically, and I did most of the work over the weekend, building the ‘money piles’ and then layering in the crowd participants, and only finished the central figure this morning. Work seems to be picking up steam here in the latter part of September, and I should have some more samples to post later in the week for various projects. I’m currently sitting in the ‘eye of the storm’ (4 books in the works, between sketch phase and finishes), but I’m getting prepared to jump back into the fray any time now. Meanwhile I’m enjoying the relaxed pace while it lasts.

Who Was Robert Ripley?


Another in the series of Penguin “Who Was” books that I did in 2014 was “Who Was Robert Ripley?”. This was my sixth title for this client (the previously shared “Isaac Newton” and “Edgar Allan Poe” books were actually numbers 7 and 8, respectively, I had somehow skipped the Ripley book), and I am currently working on two titles concurrently (in 2017) that will be the 14th and 15th in this series. As with the other books, I may have shared one or two samples in previous posts, but this is the first time I am sharing all 80 or so illustrations from the book. Next month I’ll be sharing ‘Where Is Niagara Falls?’ from 2015.

Witches Companion Cover



Been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been rather busy with a couple book projects (all of which will have to wait before I can post samples). But here’s another cover for Llewellyn’s ‘Witches Companion’ series of books. This will be the eleventh of these covers that I’ve done (see the others here). I’ll try and post some more Penguin ‘biography’ samples in the next few days if I can find the time.


Evergreen Classics


bookcoversSince sometime late last year I’ve been doing a series of book cover illustrations for Dover’s ‘Evergreen Classics’ series of reprints. Fourteen covers so far, and I received a package of four sample books in the mail yesterday, and it was interesting to see how they made use of my black and white artwork with a limited color palate. I especially liked how the Amistad cover turned out.


The Coming Deluge

Baker Book House

CrossSwitchbladewebusageI’m currently in a ‘between jobs’ state here in the week before Labor Day, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the closing months of the year are going to be ridiculously busy. The above illustration was a ‘sample’ illustration for a book project for Baker┬áthat will be one book project out of possibly 3 more that I’ll be working on over the next four months. I have a feeling that this week is the ‘calm before the storm’.