Holiday Card for 2018


Krampus2018webusageHad a bit of downtime, so have been working on my Krampus card for this year’s holiday mailing. I have been doing various designs on┬áthis theme since 2009. In Bavarian countries, Krampus was St. Nicholas’ demonic┬ácounterpart, who would take away the naughty children to his lair and whip them with a switch. I am considering doing a ‘boxed set’ of several of these designs in the near future.


Thanksgiving Leftovers

AHMM, ChronicleHE, Common Reader


A pleasant holiday in Chicago (the first celebrated at my son’s house, since his marriage in August), and now back home catching up on some quick turnaround work. Above is an illustration for the Chronicle of Higher Education, and, since these things tend to go in streaks, another ‘Uncle Sam’ themed illustration for a new client, The Common Reader for Washington University in St. Louis (a portrayal of a prison craft store purchase of an Uncle Sam figure made out of scrap metal parts).


I also finished up another fiction illustration for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine this morning (pictured below).


Rough Sketch

Hudson Valley, rough sketches

PunkBandwebA rough sketch for an upcoming illustration for Hudson Valley. Had a busy weekend with my own band, with shows on Thursday and then up in Traverse City on Saturday, so still a little high on performing anyways, which made this one fall right into my sweet spot to start out the week.