Recipe Book Wrap-Up

Media Lab Books, Topix Media

Here’s the last two illustrations from the ‘Fantasy Literature inspired Recipe Book’ project. Looks like a fun book, with some tasty sounding recipes to try, so keep an eye out for it. I’ll post an Amazon link as soon as it becomes available.

Recipe Book Spots

Media Lab Books, Topix Media

After a slow week, back to work on the recipe book illustrations. A few more to go this weekend, and this project will be a wrap. At the bottom is a revision to a previous drawing (I cheated on the original, making the doorway bigger than it should actually be, so that I wouldn’t need to shrink the main character too much — they felt it looked awkward, so I did some tweaks to it)

Impeachment Buddies


Was asked to revise one of the illustrations for a revised edition of the book “What is the Constitution?” for Penguin Young Readers. Since it was published, of course, we have a new member of the “Impeached Presidents” club, and they wanted “The Previous Guy” added to the portraits of Johnson and Clinton.

In the meantime, I’m currently in a holding pattern, awaiting the manuscripts for two new ‘Who Was’ books, one on Charles Schultz, and another on the Harlem Renaissance. Hoping to get started in the coming weeks.