Another Pratchett Inspired Piece


Some of my favorite pieces this year have been non-commissioned. Here’s another in my series of Terry Pratchett inspired illustrations. (see previous posts over the past month or so). Here’s the Librarian (word of advice; don’t call him a ‘monkey’).

Another Pratchett Homage


As I wrote in an earlier post, I’ve been reading (and sometimes re-reading) through a huge pile of Terry Pratchett novels during this strange year. The sense of absurd humor and colorful recurring characters I’ve been finding strangely comforting. Several of the most recent titles I’ve gotten through have featured a wonderful trio of witches, Granny Esme Weatherwax, ‘Nanny’ Gytha Ogg, and their young junior apprentice Magrat Garlick. I previously did a portrait of “Death” (from the same series of novels) and wanted to do another one along the same lines. They may or may not end up as self promo pieces.

From the Archives


This past weekend, I’ve been sharing all the Llewellyn ‘Witches Companion’ covers from the past fourteen years. Try as I might, as I looked through the blog, I couldn’t quite make the numbers tally up between the covers I’ve shared and the number of covers I knew I had done. Turns out I had previously neglected to share one back in 2017. So, without further ado, here’s the ‘missing link’ in the collection.

RIP Diana Rigg


Last week, Diana Rigg passed away. I and my brother Tom both had a significant crush on “Mrs. Peel” from the Avengers, and I was reminded of this fun little movie from the late sixties by my friend Cate. Did a quick caricature drawing this morning by way of a memorial (and belatedly to the hard drinking Oliver Reed who passed away over twenty years ago now).