Extracurricular in 3D

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Marscape3DI did this drawing a few months ago, and got to wondering how it would look in 3-D. Many years ago I did one of my ‘Oscar Posters’ in this technique (because the buzz that year was about ‘Avatar’ which was released in 3-D), and this requires a pair of 3-D glasses (the kind with the red cellophane over the left eye and the blue over the right eye) to properly see the special effect. I am currently working on a project with my son, and was thinking this might be an interesting way to present it.



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Still waiting for a couple book jobs to get the green light. Have been working on a few quick turnaround pieces for Today Media (will post them over the weekend). In the meantime, today, I did a character sketch for a project that I’m working on with my son.

Oscar Poster 1974

Oscar Poster, personal



I’m still in a holding pattern on the two upcoming book projects, so to keep busy, I’ve been going nuts on these Oscar Throwback posters this week. Besides getting this year’s poster done, I’ve also done posters for 1973, 1975, and then this afternoon, finished up one for 1974. Hopefully, I’ll be starting on some ‘real work’ next week.

Oscar Poster 1975

Oscar Poster, personal



On a roll this year, and got another Oscar Poster done. These are mostly for the benefit of my brother, Tom, who shares an obsession with me about this yearly broadcast, and for both of us, the seventies being a particularly favorite decade for movies. Earlier posts explain the story behind these caricature posters, and just in the past week or so, you can find a poster for the current year (2019), and one for 1973 and this one, 1975. You will also find a link to the entire collection of these posters, going back some 14 years.