Midweek Update

Hudson Valley

Still working on the Car coloring book for Dover (about 5 from the finish line at this point), and have been working on the design of the interior of my band’s CD packaging in the afternoons. Today I had a short turnaround piece for Hudson Valley magazine (pictured above). More samples later in the week.

Tee Shirt Design

Jukejoint Handmedowns

webteeshirtIn between projects today, I took some time to design a tee shirt to offer in conjunction with the new CD that my band will be releasing in the next few months. Not much illustration involved with this, mostly found and photoshop manipulated imagery and type design. I still have about another week of ‘drawing cars’ for my new coloring book project, but I may post a few more samples from some of the Penguin biographies I’ve been doing over the past several years, later this week, so stay tuned.


Additional Projects

AHMM, Hudson Valley

Aside from the ongoing coloring book project, I also had a few smaller assignments over the past few weeks. Above is an assignment for ‘Hudson Valley’ Magazine, and below is another fiction illustration for ‘Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine’. Alfred Hitchcock is one of my longest running clients, who I did my first assignment for back in 1989.

Each time I post another assignment for AHMM, I post this plea for ‘back issues’. I am missing many of the earlier issues that my work appeared in, so if you happen to have old copies of this magazine from 1989-1999 I’d be interested in hearing from you.

More Animal Samples


I’m currently working on another adult coloring book project (this one on ‘Cars’), so I thought I’d share a few more samples from the ‘Animals Coloring Book’ for Dover that I did last year. Above is one of the ‘colorized versions’ that they used for the back cover, and below are eight more sample pages from the interior. The ‘Car’ coloring book should be available later this year.

Who Was Sir Isaac Newton?


Having just finished up another ‘Who was’ book for Penguin this week (the latest one is ‘What Were The Ten Commandments?’, available soon on Amazon), I thought I’d share a batch of illustrations from another of the books in this series that I completed a few years ago. This was the 6th book in this series that I did interior illustrations for, on Sir Isaac Newton. I’ve shared a few samples of these illustrations here on this site in the past, but this is the first time I am sharing every illustration from the book (80 or so, give or take). I’ll be posting samples from the next book, “Who Was Robert Ripley?” next month.