Recent Developments

ABA, Skyhorse Publishing


Above is a spot illustration I finished up this morning for the American Bar Association. I’ve been working with the ABA since 1997 (so, just a little over twenty years, right about the time I switched from traditional to digital illustration), and their projects are always interesting and challenging. This was for a story on international law as how it may apply to businesses in the heartland of the USA. Also this weekend, a chance encounter with an old client I hadn’t heard from in a while, led to another upcoming book project. This one will be a reprint of an older children’s book with several illustrations by me, somewhat imitating the style of classic illustrator Harrison Cady. I did one over the weekend as a sample (pictured below), and I’ll give you more information as it comes across the desk sometime in June and July.


In the meantime, I’m currently working on two book projects for MacMillan, both somewhat connected to themes on the United States Presidency. I should be finishing both of those up by the end of the month, and will share some samples once they are published.

Been a busy month medically for the whole family. Our dog started us off with some veterinary surgery, then the wife had some unexpected emergency surgery, and then an extended stay at the hospital for an infection, and I finished us off last week with some hernia repair. Everybody’s starting to finally get back on the mend, and spring has arrived in Michigan with lots of rain, leaves have popped on all the trees and Summer is only a few short weeks away.



And the Finals

AHMM, Hudson Valley, River Styx

MarchLiveswebAs I mentioned in the last post, here are the final versions of several of the ‘rough sketches’. A few of the jobs that crossed the desk over the past week. Above, for Hudson Valley magazine, and below, black and white assignments for River Styx and Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.





Rough Sketches

rough sketches



There are some days where most of my workload consists of preliminary sketches for future finished projects. I sometimes like the raw, quick and dirty feel of some of these rough pencils. Here’s a few from my current workload, and if you stay tuned in the future, I’ll likely be posting the final versions for comparison. Above a rough for Hudson Valley Magazine, and below a couple roughs for an upcoming book for Penguin, and below that a rough sketch for a River Styx assignment.





ADDENDUM (Wednesday): And another one for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine:



Little Women


webusagelittlewomenContinuing to work on sketches for another Penguin ‘What Was’ book, and gearing up to get started on several books for MacMillan in the coming weeks (and complicated by several trips to the hospital over the past two weeks dealing with my wife’s health issues). This morning I found time to finish some artwork for an upcoming reprint of ‘Little Women’ for Dover (pictured above). I may have a few more samples of quick turnaround work to share tomorrow afternoon.


Cars Coloring Book


The ‘author copies’ for this coloring book from Dover just arrived on the doorstep this morning. I’ll get around to sharing the art for this book sometime this summer. Big thanks to my Uncle Ken for the inspiration, and for helpful suggestions as to what cars I should include (and backdrops, like the Flint Planetarium). Available on Amazon.